1800manny – Tonight Lyrics

Tonight Lyrics

Baby whine your body
Love in the morning
Your man always calling
Let me take you out tonight
Can i take you out tonight?
That look in your eyes, when you tell me you love me
I don′t love you, I’m just here tonight
Let′s just have fun tonight

Tonight I wish I was with you
I just wanna fly, I jus wanna fly nu
I just wan get money up, so I jus gotta jugg
Baby it’s you on my mind when on the road
I just wan get high with you, with you
Baby you know I just wanna fly with you (with you)

Everything I do girl you never understand
I’ve been popping molly and the fucking Percocet
All my niggas jiggy, yeah you know they got the swag
Rocking all this tags mehn we always keep a cheque
I just wanna have fun
All night
My love
Come right
Baby tonight
Makе me feel alright
(Feel alright)

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