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Tasha – I Surrender Lyrics

I Surrender Lyrics Tasha Oh, baby I surrender I surrender We’re together I hear your whisper Carried by the moonlight In the distance I can see a sunrise I walked away from heaven Still, I can hear you callin’ You say it’s love forever You want me here Oh, baby …

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Kelvin Bullen – Crooks Celebration Ball Lyrics

Crooks Celebration Ball Lyrics Now all you cry, is that the apple’s celebration ball Tonight we party, tomorrow to think job force Higher than steam, bigger than a train, lost they pray, cheese of sand, lay for game You told me to sit back to you, why God’s watching us …

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Themindofdre – Soul Glow Lyrics

Soul Glow Lyrics Themindofdre Baby where we going? I don’t but This shit ain’t over, baby, no way Please let me focus for your close up Fuck scars, some people never knew pain Ain’t always so visible Even on the surface your visual can’t place The source is invisible So …

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