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Davina Michelle – Indian Summer Lyrics

Indian Summer Lyrics Davina Michelle All possible details Mirror all that we put up with to be safe from harm A blood red sky-contrails Every motive I supply to dance away the sight Indian Summer Opiate company As bare as truth can be Without apologies I feel the summer The …

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Half an Orange – Champagne and cocaine. Lyrics

Champagne and cocaine. Lyrics Half an Orange You were just a criminal with a thoughtful master plan To steal my heart still beatin’ in the palm of your hand I was just a throw away, a hand me down affair A stray you found a taken but then leave before …

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YKB – Bó card (Things I need) Lyrics

Bó card (Things I need) Lyrics YKB Ele to n jo jo jo jo jo jo jo ma rora Ele go low low low low low low low nwayom Girl I been sitting by your window can you please come out Motena make i give you intro, you go get …

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Tsunami J & True World – Bloody Evenings Lyrics

Bloody Evenings Lyrics Tsunami J & True World I been thinkin bout the fucking thousand inner demons They’ve been doubting my own meaning I been shrouded in the heathens I’m surrounded by the veil that got me battered by the beatings Just let me bruise just let me scar Just …

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Cody Luv – Sensational Lyrics

Sensational Lyrics Cody Luv : Dxsh Girls lets get sensational Take you to the Northern Lights to hold you close ? Sensational Sensational 1 : Cody Luv Baby I got this pill up in my pocket ? 2 lines in my cup lil bitch I’m nodded ? Do you want …

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B-Case – One Puff Lyrics

One Puff Lyrics B-Case : Iyaz, Jowell & Randy Oye Jowell y Randy We ’bout the music (Arriba, arriba) B-Case Iyaz (c’mon) 1: Iyaz It was a moment of weakness, I got caught in my head And I just felt like as a stone I didn’t know how to go, …

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