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Fog Lake – ​die in love Lyrics

​die in love Lyrics Solitaire summer days Bought me some time Elephant in the room again But i don’t mind Because if i drown In my own blood Then i’ll die in love And that’s all i want I saw through everything Your hourglass life But i’ll turn it over …

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Татьяна Буланова (Tatyana Bulanova) – Любовь в невесомости (Love in weightlessness) Lyrics

Любовь в невесомости (Love in weightlessness) Lyrics Текст песни «Любовь в невесомости» 1 Между мной и тобой мгновения И любовь на двоих в невесомости Откровения без сомнения И поступки наши по совести У тебя все дела повседневные У меня лишь одни ожидания Мы и в чувствах наших уверены Ведь сойдутся …

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​kennedyxoxo – ​scarecrow Lyrics

​scarecrow Lyrics (‘Cause I would take my fucking life to get my family back I got shorty on my cyclic, she’s a fanny pack Got forbid I ever ask you “Where my Xannies at?” You say you’re leaving, I don’t think that I can handle that) And I don’t want you, I just want to …

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​anees – ​​maui Lyrics

​​maui Lyrics 1 I go back in time, I live in rewind And I know in my mind That it always had to be you The moments have gone I tried to move on, baby But if I could wish on the shiniest star I’d be wishing for you Because …

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Татьяна Буланова (Tatyana Bulanova) – С тобой одни голосом (With you in one voice) Lyrics

С тобой одни голосом (With you in one voice) Lyrics Текст песни «С тобой одни голосом» 1 Распущу я сердце на полосы И свяжу с душою твоей Как планеты с тобой мы в космосе Я лечу навстречу тебе И с тобой мне не будет холодно Не заблудимся в мире ночей …

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Alan Walker – Faded (Slowed Remix) Lyrics

Faded (Slowed Remix) Lyrics 1 You were the shadow to my light Did you feel us? Another star, you fade away Afraid our aim is out of sight Wanna see us alight Where are you now? Where are you now? Where are you now? Was it all in my fantasy? …

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​bar italia – ‌best in show Lyrics

‌best in show Lyrics 1: Jezmi Tarik I don’t wanna look but my eyes stare open Maybe it’s just you or maybe I’m broken You could have them all if you tried I could be the last of the night 2: NINA It’s okay to shout if that’s how you’re …

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UK Decay – Dorian Lyrics

Dorian Lyrics In the mirror Behind the eyes Beyond the mirror Inside Look into the mirror Façade or facsimile Sit pretty in your place Abandoned loyalty for misery Insincerity And disgrace Look in the mirror Modern day Dorian Gray The mirror The mirror The mirror

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