Andi – Crazier Best Friend Lyrics

Crazier Best Friend Lyrics

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Ashley has a tendency to fall for bad guys
Caroline she likes them sweet
And Zoey likes when they lie
Victoria has some daddy issues
She likes them older, kinda mean with tattoos
Every Sunday, we hold what I call a “town meeting”
Go over do’s and don’ts, who got away and who’s cheating
“Saw Joey with Makayla”
“Ugh he left me on read”
“He said ‘I miss you” and I ended up back in his bed”

Don’t do something you’ll regret
Oh, I meant it when I said, “hurt her and you’ll end up dead”

hеr heart and you’re also breaking minе
I’m the one she calls when you make her cry
Had her convinced that she was the only one
I’ll tell her that, “I told you so”
Then fuck you up
Saw the warning signs when all she saw was wow
A guy like you is always gonna let her down
If you’re thinking that she’ll be a crazy ex
Let me introduce you to her crazier best friend

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