​anees – ​​home again Lyrics

​​home again Lyrics

Yeah, I feel like I journey through the valley
Just to find that peace was always in my soul
Sometimes you gotta walk through darkness, yeah
Just to find the light inside you all along
I’m safe to pray, here I’m safe to believe
Haven’t felt this type of peace since 2003
I feel His spirit deep in me
I know God lead me here
I know God sent me free, I

No, I don’t wanna leave
No, I don’t wanna leave
I have never felt this free, I
No, I don’t wanna go
Perfеct love overflows in my soul

‘Cause I’m finally homе again, yeah
I’m finally home again

I have found a home that knows no location
So, wherever I go, I have family
I won’t ask the world for its affirmation
‘Cause Heaven is a place that exists in me
So, I can live right here
In my little cabin on this mountain, yeah
All my friends, I know they love me, I’m surrounded, yeah
They accept me as I am
So I’m drowning in the ocean of His boundless
Love, I hear Him telling me

That I don’t have to leave
No, I don’t wanna leave
So, I think I’ll never leave, I
I’m never gonna go
Perfect love overflows in my soul

‘Cause I’m finally home again, yeah
I’m finally home again, yeah

I can remember, the first time I ever felt at home
The first footsteps I set on the camp
I felt something I didn’t know I could feel
I still feel that feeling to this day
I know a lot of you are listening to this song right now
And I don’t know your story
I don’t know what you’ve been through
But I can promise you one thing, you are always home
No matter how far you’ve gone
Because home is a place that God designed in your heart
No matter how far you roam

We’re finally home, home again, yeah
We’re finally home
Said we’re finally home again
Finally home again

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