Avery Chapman – Theresa Lyrics

Theresa Lyrics

Avery Chapman
I see her standing there, on the sidelines
Hazel brown eyes under blue skies
She would never know that I let go of all my plans that day
Trying not to stare, got me tongue-tied
What a surprise, didn’t realize
She would take my life and make it right the second she said “hey”

Theresa, I know it’s only been a couple days
But I love you in every single way there is to love someone
Theresa, I know they’re gonna chase us left and right
But if you ever ask me to spend the night
I won’t run
Now we’re making plans in the background
Hiding out loud, live for right now
Never have I ever said forever but I can’t erase
And your father’s mad, but what’s new?
He don’t accept you, like he’s supposed to
If he kicks you out we’ll get a house and teach our kids some day
That they can’t pray a love like this away

Theresa, I know it’s only been a couple months
But my journal seems to think that you’re the one, so who’s to say it’s wrong?
Theresa, I know that they keep chasing left and right
But they’ll never catch the dream of you and I
I won’t run

Flash forward, 70 years
I know your favorite takeout order, and your ten biggest fears
You know I’m fragile and afraid of what’s to come
But we both know our story lasts, because this love is love

Theresa, I know that it’s been one hell of a ride
But without you how could I live in this life or learn to love someone
Theresa, whenever you get to the other side, know that I’ll be there with my arms open wide
And we can run…
And we can run…

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