Blacklit Canopy – Columba Lyrics

Columba Lyrics

Blacklit Canopy
1 – Leo Faulkner
Skies dragging over
A sound spectacle
As you land beside me
{?} look full
Spreading out your feathers
Grey as slate and stone
Singing through your bones and
Stretching your ligaments cold

– Leo Faulkner
My inner fabric comes clean from my wings
As the sorrow grows roots within me

2 – Gemma Mathews
Just one tug of the strings
Just ?
You could peel my apart
Watch your strength in me collapse

You can see no more smile is empty
Tryna force words through gaps in my teeth

As the plan gloss in my veins
And the colour drains from my face
I won’t falter standing in place

I will always be

I will always be

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