Bouff – Bound To Blow Lyrics

Bound To Blow Lyrics


Many people don dey pray that I fall
Many man don dey pray that Im gone (Many, many, many men)
Even though I done cried, I done asked, I done shout
Oh Lord, Oh Lord, Oh Lord, Oh why
From the billboards on the streets
To the GQ magazines
And playing on TV screens
Performing at them gigs
Yearbook done said that a nigga ain’t nothing
I done put in the work and the sweat
Now a nigga is something
From a kid with a dream
To a man with a plan
ing bread with the team
Man ah walk with the gang
Even though man ah walk through the valley of the shadow of death (Through the valley of the shadow of death)
I don’t fear nothing oh
Man ah spray something oh
Dem boys know I been bad since birth
For a fact Imma shake something oh
Now the Gyal wan fucc with the kid
Everybody wan hang with the kid
Even mandem wan talk to the kid
Cuz everybody know, that Im bound to blow (bound to blow)

This one wey you carry for your bacc Gyal na big problem
your bacc for me, Oya gbe body
Shey you wan fucc with the gang
Said she wanna fly with the gang
Shey na nyash or na breast wey you want
Thirty thousand I go carry go Dubai
See the pussy in my poccet runneth over
And the money like a magnet pull em closer


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