Andrae Tsc – Anybody Lyrics

Andrae Tsc : Anybody wey you see dey happy dey smoke Me I no dey judge cause I know say ehi choke Anybody wey dey smile dey on molly Me I no dey judge cause me seff I no holy 1: I’m living my life like it’s a damn maze …

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Jumbo System – Alarm Clock Lyrics

Alarm Clock Lyrics Jumbo System Tik-tok tik-tok, Tik-tok tik-tok, Alarm clock x2 Everyday we obey what government say x2 Them tell us work hard to spend hard We agree, we obey Them tell us study for money We agree, we obey Them tell us stay home and sleep tight We …

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Davyx – Get it over Lyrics

Get it over Lyrics Davyx Money, my money calling (Heh)Baby,my baby calling(I got the feeling I’m the one for you) (Ona na na na na na na)Money,my money calling Baby,my baby calling(Baby,my baby callin’) Girl don’t waste my time with all these love talk(ayy) I say me i like you …

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Davyx – One chance Lyrics

One chance Lyrics Davyx I got these feelin’ I’m the one for you Woof I find it hard to believe love really last But when it comes it doesn’t prove a fact So I’m tryin’ to pick all my tracks Tryna pick up courage just to link up my facts …

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DJ K3004 – Meet Me Halfway Lyrics

Meet Me Halfway Lyrics: DJ K3004 Intro Baby baby shey you know Dj k3004 Baby baby shey you know… Verse 1 This kind thing fit make a badman gbess So allow me paint a picture for you, I’ll write a song for you You see I got plenty love for …

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