Dj Dollie Popman – HALLE Lyrics

HALLE Lyrics Eh (It’s Leena martins) Bad luck no be my portion Failure no be my portion (Dj Dollie Popman) Bad luck no be my portion Failure no be my portion Bad luck no be my portion You see the life wey we dey live If I tell you wetting …

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Dhorn Perry – Me Ne Woa Lyrics

Me Ne Woa Lyrics Dhorn Perry Uh Mmm ae yay DP Crew Music Mmm ae yay Dhorn Perry on this one Skerry Boy oo, aaee yay (Enzyme Dee bɔ beat no) Uh, how many times meka kyerɛ wo sɛ I’m sorry? You know I’m cool and am not used to being sober For day one …

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Wada & Yoongs – Mon Amour Taloha Lyrics

Mon Amour Taloha Lyrics Wada & Yoongs Dédicacement aux amours anciens-là Applaudissez les princes du bas-quartier C’est Sanih le sorcier qui fait la sauce Printsy Kotonava, Wadagascar Mon amour taloha ô, mon amour taloha a Tsy hoe tsy ambinina akory fa ianao no tsy niaritra Halako zao ô Fahatokisako iny …

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Lewa – Lay Down Lyrics

Lay Down Lyrics Lewa Lay down on the sand Lay down on the sand, and let the waves wash our soul away Waves wash your soul away Waves wash your soul away And let the wind lift it up Up in the sky, up in the sky Beyond clouds -toudou …

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NXTETG, ;Fergo – PARADISE Lyrics

PARADISE Lyrics NXTETG, Fergo I live, I live where people vacation But this ain’t no vacation I’m on This just the place I call home Clear seas, ocean breeze right round the corner But I don’t even bother, no; this ain nothing new Hook It’s just another day in Paradise …

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