Blacklit Canopy – Columba Lyrics

Columba Lyrics Blacklit Canopy 1 – Leo Faulkner Skies dragging over A sound spectacle As you land beside me {?} look full Spreading out your feathers Grey as slate and stone Singing through your bones and Stretching your ligaments cold – Leo Faulkner My inner fabric comes clean from my …

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Blacklit Canopy – Just Like You Lyrics

Just Like You Lyrics Blacklit Canopy 1 – Leo Faulkner Sink from this warm truth Carbon dioxide And over deep breaths Your lungs, my skins crawling 2 – Leo Faulkner + Gemma Mathews And I’m tired of white walls It’s all so luke-warm Your eyes are receded Dying in To …

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Blacklit Canopy – Corridors Lyrics

Corridors Lyrics 1 – Leo Faulkner + Gemma Mathews Share your loving for Trade your loving for all the moments You wasted In these corridors In this house that run from home When you can abandon When you can abandon All that abandons you In these corridors As you cry …

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Crusade 13 – By The Sea Lyrics

By The Sea Lyrics Crusade 13 Intro Done, get in return (Set em off) Set me up like a turnt blade I see Blood running down Arms Spent my life like a burnt tree By the sea I’m soaking absurd Hearts cannot learn I sold my life to a place …

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