Tia Gostelow – SOUR Lyrics

SOUR Lyrics Tia Gostelow 1 Not good at picking up the signals I’m oblivious and I know it shows Seems as though you’ve misunderstood the situation If you wanna be with me, use your imagination Why you always looking at me? Feeling kind of awkward lately Maybe if it was …

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HANDSOME, Chloe Dadd & Egoism – Dumb It Down Lyrics

HANDSOME, Chloe Dadd & Egoism 1: HANDSOME Step down and fetch a light Blinds block the sunshine I’ve been back on your line Exactly where I shouldn’t be Take off or come to mine Don’t you want peace of mind? Blinds block the sunlight Exactly where I shouldn’t be : HANDSOME Do you see …

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Big Words – Speed Racer Lyrics

Big Words 1 Late night, driving, car chase, I wonder Ballin’, divin’, fallin’, we’re lovers In heaven dyin’, anxious cryin’ Passion, fuckin’, eat it, hold me down Hold me down 2 The stage fright wildin’, on top, I’m under Screamin, riding, don’t come, we’re lovers In heaven, runnin’ sunrise is …

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Du0 – Echoes Lyrics

Du0 1 We were on the mattress Discoverin’ the magic We were floatin’ right into space Emotions were in transit We’d never understand it We just danced all the pain away Everythin’ was changin’ The world was complicatin’ All our dreams were left in the dark We would always fight …

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Busby Marou – Crazy Like That Lyrics

Busby Marou 1 How in the world did it get so cold When we had the fire and the wood? I never knew that it was time to go But I always knew you someday would I’ve been hearin’ all these voices bouncin’ ’round the room I don’t like surprises, …

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Busby Marou – Where I Wanna Be Lyrics

Where I Wanna Be Lyrics Busby Marou 1 Feelin’ like I’ve been away too long In a town I know I don’t belong All the solitude and sleepless nights I’II leave it all behind All these places I don’t recognise All these faces that I won’t see twice Just a …

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