Cody Luv – Sensational Lyrics

Sensational Lyrics Cody Luv : Dxsh Girls lets get sensational Take you to the Northern Lights to hold you close ? Sensational Sensational 1 : Cody Luv Baby I got this pill up in my pocket ? 2 lines in my cup lil bitch I’m nodded ? Do you want …

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CuteBad – Them Changes Lyrics

Them Changes Lyrics CuteBad 1 Nobody move, there’s blood on the floor And I can’t find my heart Where did it go? Did I leave it in the cold? So please give it back, ’cause it’s not yours to take It must’ve fell when I lost my mind Deep in …

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Chris Pierce (Pop) – BY MYSELF Lyrics

BY MYSELF Lyrics Chris Pierce (Pop) (You’re so skeevy) 1 I I get so tired of hearing you call My name (Stop callin’ my name) Goodbye (Good, goodbye) ‘Cus all you do is sit and complain ‘Bout it all (It all) I’m sick and tired of fightin’ and steady cryin’ …

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