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Phoenix – After Midnight (Remix) Lyrics

After Midnight (Remix) Lyrics Phoenix Lyrics from Snippet : Thomas Mars & Clairo Enough said, enough sense, it’s unconventional When the sun is almost gone, it’s not enough Suddenly, finally, without a yell, I’ll listen Ooh, that’s what we’re like in broad daylight Ooh, soon, you’ll realize it’s after midnight

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Dipiphany – Parallel universe Lyrics

Parallel universe Lyrics Dipiphany 1 Can’t you see It’s hard for me to be near Can’t you see I need some space to breathe Can’t you see Can you see me Can’t you see I’m praising your every step Can’t you see My heart is caught in a trap Can’t …

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Reneé Rapp – Cry on my own Lyrics

Cry on my own Lyrics Reneé Rapp Nothing helps me now You should probably leave it’s getting dark in here Can’t you see I’m already drowning And I’d hate to be the one to take you down with me So save yourself get the hell out Cuz I got used …

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SilentWall – Reality Lyrics

Reality Lyrics SilentWall I’m fizzle out Seems like i’ve never sleep I need a time To find myself in deep Emotions done My tears lose worth at all Sometimes i’ve got a nothing To believe… And now, what fun? This cage are full of my desires I can’t run And …

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Ava Maybee – Puke Lyrics

Puke Lyrics Ava Maybee I can feel it coming up, when I talk Overthinking, I got acid in my throat, I’m a joke And if I’m being honest I think that I’ve lost it Pick my fingers to the bone, acetone I don’t know but I can never be alone, …

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