Celine Ozalvo – You Lonely? Lyrics

Brra ta ta I knew you gal
I knew how lonely of a bitch you are
I knew your obituary didn’t go that far
Simply put, you’re no one, nothing
You’re just, hiding
Behind paintings of a girl never-seen before
Just a bitch of someone you’ve known
Nope, she’s not grown
She’s alone

You gross me out, you lonely
Contradict me, you lonely
You’re just nothing, you lonely
Don’t home on me, just stay lowly
You blasphemise it, you lonely
You feel it coming, but not only
Does it never come, for lowly
People like you, lonely

You are not anything you’re just nothing
Clapping along to the song likе one of the crowd
Stop jumping and trying so hard to progress
No onе likes that they’ll repress you

You’ll be forgotten to the garbage cans
You’ll be known as the one that can’t
Do all the things at one’s command
Who needs someone like that?

That, that, ra-ta-rat
You deserve nothing of that
Sort, cause you just aren’t that
Girl, you can’t pull off matte
Gold, you’re just a story untold
(Hahaha, bitch)

I’m alone I know that
No need to make me feel small
I’m alone, I’m like that
But I don’t make myself fall
I’m alone, and I don’t want to be
So trapped in my thoughts not getting to
Be one with the world I live in

You lonely, I lonely
You lowly, I lowly
You lonely, I lonely
You owe me, my only

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