DJ McKee – Seeing Eye Dog Lyrics

Seeing Eye Dog Lyrics

DJ McKee
You’re running out
And falling down
And calling me
To pick you up
So we can both
Fall asleep
It seems to me
A guarantee
Won’t be agreed
It pleases me
That you still want
To be with me
I’m falling now
Got tripped up on
This broken ground
The foundation
Of our new house
Is liquid now
My words aren’t much
And i forgot
The ones i used
In that last verse
Did not rehearse
And im confused

But i know that
You’re there to help
When i get lost
You might be blind
But you’re my best
Seeing eye dog
It seems to me
That you still want
To be with me
Even after
You got corrective surgery

I don’t wanna miss you
So can we swap our points of view
It’s not a question of who can see better
Don’t wanna lose sight of you

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