English Translations – 女王蜂 (Queen Bee) – MYSTERIOUS (English Translation) Lyrics

女王蜂 (Queen Bee) – MYSTERIOUS (English Translation) Lyrics

English Translations
Play the best role that you can
More tragic than anybody else, roles that we can kill
Changing and shifting human patterns even at the edge of the square sea
In a world you forget you’re pretending and acting it all

We are all birds inside of a cage
Dreaming of the day we escape
The moment that is finally in our hands
Why be bewildered by the great open sky?

Give them a name, and help reassure them
We won’t call cut on you
What makes you mysterious

Weaving across the constellations, even if we run to the universe
Nostalgia remains in our bodies, to be rid of it is hopeless, don’t you think?
In a country without any clocks
This town where nobody is needed
Hot snow is falling from the blue sun, lies

There are no windows or doors or walls
The immortal bird you imagine
Where there are no mistakes or answers
Wandering towards freedom

Protecting and jolting the fluttering feathers is
Wicked Purity, once embraced it takes flight

Be absorbed into blank paper, charcoal ink
Solid hard water surface, swimming hair
Boundless vitality my travel companion
Blow away the curtain of resignation, violent wind
Bring it on, twilight
Broken wings, marked by the feathers
Curses are wishes
Prayers are tattoos
A momentary gesture

A friend of God, Buddha and the devil
Here or not, I am mysterious
Your mysterious

Now play the best role that you can

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