Flotsam and Jetsam – N.E. Terror (2014) Lyrics

N.E. Terror (2014) Lyrics

Wake up to ride another day of terror
The mighty world of paid corruption
From red and blue alike
Conformity is paralyzed

Madmen, all dealt their hand
Trade ’em to a selfish plan for power
They try to trade and share
The guns they have – big gun

Secrets that we will never know
Mistakes that they will never show
Mistrust, another battle lost
Red atomic twisted cross

Hunger, everywhere in sight
As they censor me and my
Fighting nations all their lives
Sworded tribesmen wither in the heat

Attention on the innocent
Payoff bundles oil money spent
Loyalty for the eastern way
Mention freedom with your life you’ll pay

Terror in the ? sky
Jealous colonels spit it in our eyes
Shiite tries to pick a fight
Another car loaded with dynamite

? from the hooded nations
Media shows decapitation
Power is their ultra plan
Sacred blood spilled by God’s command

Madman don’t waste any time
Murder inside David’s shrine
Bullets riddle wailing wall
On bloody broken knees they crawl

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