G Voz – Plains Lyrics

Plains Lyrics

I’m sent from up and down the highway
A little I have seen
A little I have been

A frame thats weighing down my eyelids
Pulling down my head
Always been like that

A picture I keep up on a shrine
The future in my mind
The light I keep inside

The feeling closes and gets closer
The lifelines on my hand
Fade with every stand

Yes I would park a little park little closer to your home if it felt right
If thats all right
Now its still light outside I got to carry on
I still need time, I need some time
Shaped by buttons that fell off along the years
That I’m grown on
And still grow on
Thе strings, theyre brickred, but thеy always sounded good
I keep them, to keep them

Theres still a lot of things that just need to be said, if you want to and would too
When I climbed up you said you never want to stay but thats not true, it was still new
Now I watch stars and think the moon is pretty too, what ive become, and still become
I fed some ducks I walked the dog, and dried him off
But dont mind just to be kind

Now theres a car outside, it picks me up to go
And I could not, no I could not
And Id decline all easy ways to get me there
Like i have done, ive always done
And I would wait up to make sure you made it home I don’t need to. I need to
Im send from up and down the highway
A little I have seen. A little I have been

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