G Voz – Quarantine Lyrics

Quarantine Lyrics

G Voz
Leave it, this doesn’t taste like anything
Glass and, we’re breathing in the gasoline
Say it, we’re holding on to bad routines
So long, we’re living on this aspirin

Baby I love that you want to see me in another life
Vaccine and caffeine we lost our jobs at seventeen, find my
Burn marks and algebra, you travel west to Canada, but why
Cuts in our hands, friends we pretend to be

Baby I love that you want to see me with another mind
Bring on the fire, loose a desire, this fight
Gone is thе game, singing in flames, goodnight
Baby I love that you want to see mе in another lie
Hey, stuck on the phone for days
To get us some more rain
And maybe it was kind
To somehow never find

It doesn’t taste like anything
Your breath turns into kerosine
A loop, it’s just a fever dream
I’m gonna live in quarantine

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