Ian Poff Dizzle – Ian's Realm Lyrics

Ian’s Realm Lyrics

Ian Poff Dizzle
No, No
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
You are in my Realm
The realm of Poffiness (Yeah you’re stuck in my realm)
Try to get your way out
Try to get your way out
Yeah you’re trapped in Poffiness (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah)
No way out (Yeah you’re stuck in my realm)
There is no portals to get out of realm
I have 19 subscribers so you’ll have to fight 19 of them (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah)
You just walk in and then all of the sudden you fall into your mighty death
You fall into this big hole on the mountain
You’re locked up the time has fallen
You wake up then you see some guy with white eyes I don’t know (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah)
You’re stuck in my realm
Watcha gonna do now
You’re stuck in my realm
I said watcha gonna do now
Watcha gonna do now (Now, now, now, now, now, now)

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