Jack Gruber – Built for This Lyrics

Built for This Lyrics

Jack Gruber

No one’s gonna tell you what you can and can’t be
They’ll just let you spiral till you crash into the sea
Even if you’re wrong you’ll never know
Until you see that everything you love is slowly disappearing
First you’ll see each of your friends walk away
One by one they’re backing out day by day
Leaving you alone with what you swore was right
Lying to yourself only dims that light
Try to be happy but you feel pinned down
Trying to write a song you think will break you out
Trying to build a character you think might work
Only just to lose the one you always
Were chasing that bliss that you haven’t
Seen since before you made art thoughts
You needed relief no it’s all you depend
On all that keeps you content gotta get
A moving steady flow of content


People want to know about everything but
People never want to show anything to be
Vulnerable presents you as a mental case
So we have no choice but to bury all
This mental weight inside so when you
Find out what it means to be alive give
Me a call and i’ll be first
The pressure’s building
Towards the end of it


No don’t let me fall back down

When you lock away your demons but keep
Them fed they’re bound to break free
When you least expect and that’s when
Things happen that don’t make sense one
Second you’re laughing the next yard
Gotta sit tight while we figure this out
Let’s take it to a room we can’t get
Loud sing about the things that keep us down
Sing it with me eyes off the ground


The pressure’s building towards the end of it
The pressure’s building towards the end of it
Don’t let me fall back down
(fall back down)


Now they know
I’m not built for this
The pressure’s building towards the end of it
And now they know
I am not built for this


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