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Rock & Roll Lyrics

JackZ Albums
Can’t believe it
That I’m still here
And I know
There’s no way that
I ain’t going anywhere
Cause all I want the
To know what is up
That I’m still
Working on these words
She’s my rock and roll
Oooh oh
She’s my rock and roll
Oooh oh

She’s my partner N crime
And there’s no way
I’m going anywhere
If she’s not around
If she feels sad
I’ll be right there
And picking her up
And feel better

Cause she’s my
Rock and roll

Many other guys
Really try hit up on her
And she said no
And I feel great
That she’s with me
I can’t believe it

And Your the only reason that
I feel so Alive
Alive Alive Alive
Everybody just be wondering why
You are with me

Cause your the reason
That you’re my
Rock and roll
My rock and roll
Oooh ooh

Your the reason
That I’m still here
So let them talk
And they
Really tried to
Push us away
Cause there’s no way
I’m leaving
This lonely world
Cause there’s so many things

And your the reason
I’m still here
Cause your my
Rock and roll
Oooh ooh
Your my
Rock and roll
Oooh ooh

You’re the one that I need

(My rock and roll) 2xs

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