JMCEE – Writing Songs Is Hard (c. 2018) Lyrics

Writing Songs Is Hard (c. 2018) Lyrics

I made this song in just 4 minutes!
(I used lots of sounds)
I just improvised
(Improvising sounds nice)

I’m not that into music
(But i guess i have to do this)
Like a poem with terrible rhymes
Do these near rhymes count?

I still use my phone for song writing
(no font changing)
I haven’t had lunch yet
(Just kidding its 3)
And i’m not asleep yet

Im still trying to think of what to type
This really hurts my eyes
Oh cool, an idea, Lets Write!
Thats the max capacity

Im still improvising
This poem is so terrible-ising?
Making poems with near rhymes
At least i can do one thing:

Still typing and its probably too late
Homeworks due next day
What time еven is it?

I appreciate thе rest of society
Who can actually do this
A few years ago, i sucked at poems
A few years later, still under pressure

When will this cycle end?
Im going to stop typing

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