JOKERGANG – SkallyWagger Dagger Lyrics

SkallyWagger Dagger Lyrics


That’s all them SkallyWagger Daggers


She’s a SkallyWagger Dagger
SkallyWagger Dagger
SkallyWagger Dagger
Shake that ass with a pancake
SkallyWagger Dagger
SkallyWagger Dagger
Shake them ass with a pancake

She’s a SkallyWagger Dagger
Hitting the dance floor shaking that big booty all in the floor
Everybody looking at her shaking that ass with them pancakes
SkallyWagger Dagger
Shake that ass with them pancakes
SkallyWagger Dagger
SkallyWagger Dagger she know she want it from me
Cause she know that I’m a certified gangster up in the street
Doesn’t know what to say but it’s ok baby girl
Let me go and fuck you really raw with no condom on girl
When I don’t care what they say
Imma have to do what I do, its fucking Jokergang bitch
We running you with choo choo
I’m going up to the telly, I’m taking off your clothes
I’m bending you over a bitch, imma fuck you like a ho
Imma come through imma let her know
Imma stick my dick in her bootyhole
Fuck that bitch real raw cause I don’t give a fuck

It’s Jokergang till we fucking die
N***** know we don’t ever die
We multiply in this fucking game
Not even simpin that’s what I bang

SkallyWagger Dagger
Man I never loved that ho
Guess what damn you pussy ho, I ain’t ever loved you ho
Guess what I’m a Jokergang

And I bend that shit ho

Guess what bitch

I’ve ain’t ever loved you ho

Fuck that SkallyWagger Dagger
Trust towards that redhead ho
She takes bars and she’s sucking dick for the low
She like ayo
She’s a SkallyWagger Dagger, and I’m a loped out ho
Bitch you broke my heart and fucked all my friends
You the definition of a SkallyWagger Dagger
She’s a SkallyWagger Dagger…

(SkallyWagger Dagger)

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