Julian Moon – Blanks Lyrics

Blanks Lyrics

Julian Moon
My room’s a mess, so’s my head
Car lights through the window paint my ceiling red
I haven’t slept since God knows when
But I can’t seem to get out of bed
So are they stars or just satellites?
Am I wishing on the wrong thing tonight?
Could never tell what’s real or what’s fake
Between the lines there’s so much empty space

For me to fill in the blanks
You close your eyes, I get undressed
You make a canvas out of my silhouette
Your fingers paint the girl of your dreams
And for a moment I forget she’s not me
So am I art, or just plagiarized?
What do you see whenever we lock eyes?
Can’t ever tell what’s written on your face
I play it cool but I’m going insane

Trying to fill in the blanks

Maybe I’ll just disappear
Drive far away from here
Distant memory that you can’t shake
You’ll spend your whole life

Trying to fill in the blanks

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