Kxtaminex – Insanity Lyrics

Insanity Lyrics

, intro
Gotta keep it real here
Acting insane in my own world
Die here, by here

Sword longer than my blunt
I want to choke my own blood
I’m on the brink of insanity inside my own

I wanna slam my head against the wall ‘til
I cannot feel at all
They really don’t like me, they like
I watched my idol (d*d) fall, I might just end it
I wanna slam my head against the wall ‘til
I cannot feel at all
I might just end it all
People say I look so happy singing about
Hurting myself physically
Yes I love it all got me like a prick with all my drugs
I feel like ima off the edge of this world

People say my songs are “head banging”
Yes it makеs u insane and slam your own head
I need dеad, you know it
I know you mad, I’m glowing
I know you mad
I know you mad (and I know)

And he has a girlfriend but he loves his
Blink twice and you might miss it
So much head bang in the wall
It’s vindictive
Im worthless, a pot to piss in

I wanna kill myself, but your calling my
So much insanity in my head
I feel like ima just going to be stuck in this situation
Feeling like ima going to go back up
And end it all
And my who,e world gray, living
And ima just trying to run away my problems
Cause ion want to deal with no one these
I got issues people don’t know
Ion care if u you know or not
I love slamming my head till I bleed
All these hoes want me dead
Ima like oh yeahhh lemme go dead (woah)
Your like a bucket of water, im like a
Package of matchsticks

Everything in life started gettin’ a bit
That sound, too loud, but I cannot get
We all die, it’s human nature, baby, live it
While we young

And ima fuck up every single thing in my
And I’m still stuck in my shit from like
And we still young, dumb, broke and
Wasting all of our time
And now my lucks up, baby, I’m just
Taking what’s mine
Slam my head against the wall
‘Til cannot feel at all
Your whole life got changed by like one
Damm call
Your brother lying dead, your dad is in
Withdrawal (So i)

And I think that- and i think that
Ima still stuck in the situation
I just wanna run away from my problems
And bleed of death
If I lose it than ima dead
Don’t expect too much from
If I say ima okay in text
I recommend worry yourself than me

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