LAKE (Band) – Talons & Feathers Lyrics

Talons & Feathers Lyrics

LAKE (Band)
Of sons and daughters
And rocky waters
Fill the wine, drink your cup
Into allusion

Strawberry human
“Totally Numan”
They are loyal and brave
But are they cold on the inside?

Feelings oft’ for recent
Reasons I adore
Some new horizon
And I want to know more
But this is all I can understand
Eagles at the bluff
Riding on coastal train
Crashing in mid air
Into oblivion
Lydian, so in love
Just like house guests
You are there, I am here
On the couch with my problems

This is a love song
For descended matadors
Who are forgotten
Ghosted and ignored
That are cheated and defeated
This is a love song
In regard to eagles
But this is all I can understand

Are talons
And feathers
And salmon

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