Misinn – Idwtlie Lyrics

Idwtlie Lyrics


Bitch I’m coming (3x)
With my crew

I been doing this yeah this lil kid isn’t new
We be running round with Glocks n you know we make ‘em boom
They all drop me now cuz they say I isn’t cool

Crawl crawl back when they see I start to grow
Hold up just give me a minute, nah I think it’s time to go
N-now I’m all by my self I got no one I could hold
When I think about my life I just wanna let it go
I know they hate
I know I know
They hate me

Walk around in public and they all think that I’m crazy
Never leave my bed, Yeah I just say that I’m lazy
Crying with a Glock but I would never get hazy

Every time I try, I just always wanna quit
Pointed to the head еvery time I wanna dip
I-I-I don’t want to lie, but somеtimes it really fits
And sometimes I really just wanna be put inside a pit

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