Misty Boyce – The nest Lyrics

The nest Lyrics

What is real was once
Just in my head
In my head
I’ll tell you all about
A love that I once had
I once had a lover
Now I got a hole where he had been
He had been so there
I put another lover in my bed

When the dust had settled
And the wind
And the wind stood down
I wondered at the bed-hole
And my friend
Once my friend, who’s now
A letter, reddened, and staring at an end
Where an end had started
Speeding up thoughts he did not intend

Not intend
Not intend
Not intend
Please, don’t tell my father

Cause home is an answer to
Fear of unrest
Of being misunderstood, oh
Hide in your nest

What is about you that you miss
That you miss when you look back
On all the good you didn’t kiss
Couldn’t kiss because something deep inside you
You insist on resisting
For the good of someone else’s good intent

I wonder if he’ll ever come again
Come again to meet me
After the red writer i have been
I have been ever version of myself
I could pretend
When pretensions on my honour
Became what I would defend

I defend
I defend my honour

Cause home is an answer to
Fear of unrest
Being misunderstood, oh
Hide in your nest

Feel the unnatural way
Fear has hold on you
Hide in your garden unmoved
Feeding on eden’s breast

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