Muze Sikk – Randy Moss Has Nothing To Do With It Lyrics

Randy Moss Has Nothing To Do With It Lyrics

Muze Sikk
Paint the picture of the pattern uninvolved
Hate to miss ya but I gotta skip the misery you sought
Get dissolved like salt
With water
High cleanse the soul
Is this inner net delivering ?
Death to the last resolve

Air borne
No Matt Damon
Rather die broke than famous
Shutting down fucknauts
Dig this shift
The gravest
I 4 am the phasers
And skip past all the fakers
Outdated information
Updated integration
Restrain the entertainment
Go blind to try to save it
It’s too late to state what’s blatant
You’re miserably chastened
Tough shit no constipation
Worship and put your faith in
Its really what was needed
Come forth and face your hatred

You can’t go wrong
You can go right
The candles gone
Electric light
I had a thought the other day
Now all I see is all I may

A symbol of
A blossoming
Invent your self
Find what you seek
And if your lost
Come follow me
I trust myself
I fuck with me

Another reason to draw
Another season of dawn

Fuck with a winner
I live for your pretty surrender
I lick up the kitty
We lit up the city like 50 blizzys
Exist to get it
Persist again
And silence the bitches
A foldable chair
That’s you over there
A stone made of thrown
I bore in
She moan
I dove right adored
Invented a ritual
This how it goes

I core out a digital source of proportion
I drop a gander
I geek the gaggle
I lock the razor
I knock the hustle
I floss the flavor
Eye fuck the favorite
I flux the famous
I switch that smoke for vape
I zip a body bag and drop that coffin off the plane
I fist Mother Nature till she cums a fucking lake
Lip off the titty
Ice cold like the Yetti
BOAT to the jetti
This shit kick like Messi
Sensei ho
Don’t test me
Y’all vegetables depressing

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