Muze Sikk – Reminder Lyrics

Reminder Lyrics

Muze Sikk
Feeling at home in the coldest throes
On a throne made of stone
I made all on my own

What a waste of a lonely throat
Goad the bozo to eat the bait
Hop like a toad to the evening

Make it hot for me baby
Get low
At the spot
Now we got it really popping like a bone
My goddess got a body like hourglass so
Im bout to turn this bitch upside down
Yeah here we go MF

Treat my body like a rifle
I wanna shoot that last shot
Into the stars and dash off
Honey you sweet
Like the summer drip of a honey comb

Combination cracked
I gotta watch your brain
You a bad bitch ya

Hot seat bound
You know I stay down
Imma MFing MF
Fucking up your frown
Imma a double cup of subtle thunder uppercutting clowns
Ain’t nobody busting like they’re bodys nothing but sounds
I part ways with the bitch in you
Make love to the goddess
If you trippin on the steez
It’s cleared like my glottis
Got the wrist on lock
He’s risen
He’s on top
What the ffffff

I never flop
Nor fuck with the lame lot baby

Back in it
I keep on sinning
I’m devilish with my sentences
Elevations a better lift
Decadence with the better strength
And I’m up all night
No amphetamines
And I’m awful deep up in this bitch
And I want more freaks than a freak show keeps

In a softer stream you will often think
What was not perceived was a cost I squeezed

You have squandered your heartless sense of metropolis
Plopped on your bottom
And left your boss shit to bosses
So now the boss in this bitch
We come through and rock it
Just like a rocketship docking
Mother lover

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