Muze Sikk – Wayfare Lyrics

Wayfare Lyrics

Hard to see the forest from the fucking trees
Seas keep pummeling my ship but it was built for these storms
I just
ped anchor on a bitch
And the chorus of your heart is
Leading to me astray
I’m Falling for your everything

When you walked away
I wasn’t even phased
You took me for granted for the last time
You are my sun and moon
My angel and my doom
Baby I’ll wait for you
Baby I’ll wait for you

Ill play it cool
And I’ll wait for you
Yo take your time
We can even out the oddest groove
Sayonara till tomorrow
Till the honeymoon
Back together
Never severed
Feels like deja vu
I saw a bunch of flowers
Imma send them shits to you
April showers never sour what were made to do
I’m still the same MF with the major view
Always down for trouble
I’m Ready to rumble and break the rules

All the Years are forgotten when your
In my arms
In my arms
Destiny’s sunrise
Shook me out of sleep
Might fuck around and reap
Thick plot surrounds the seed

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