Notaus – Let go Lyrics

Let go Lyrics


(I really, really miss you)
(Specifically you)
(Look, I don’t know if I made the right choice)
(But that doesn’t mean that I want to take you back)

Why did I try
To be with someone so different?

Life’s so slow
I don’t know
Where to go
I need to let go

(I feel like I don’t even know you)
(Do you even love me?)
(Do you?)
I tried to be what you had needed
I was too much, I wasn’t enough
You got me pleading

You still haven’t told me straight
I don’t wanna play these games
You’re what I needed and now I feel like a disgrace

Life was slow
And I didn’t know
It was you all along
I need to let go (let go)

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