Nvrfallen – I wish u didnt fade away Lyrics

I wish u didnt fade away Lyrics

When I try to move I’m silenced
Imma find me some confidence
We all dyin’ so fast and it’s moving
Stay the same, I’m never improving
The desolation of your voice starts to hurt me
And I thought that we fit so perfectly
I miss the days when you wear my shirt
Fall silent when it fucking starts to hurt

You a motherfuckin’ fake fan
I don’t really like you
You a motherfucking fake fan
I think I despise you
Think it’s cool to steal swag
Until they bite you
Yeah you say you up
But no motherfuckers like you
I might have to clutch my pistol
At the right dudе
Yeah you gonna see me at the top
That’s what I do
Back and forth, why wе fight?
Tryna get over it not what I like
I can’t take meds
It leaves me faceless
All of our love on the pavement
That’s not what I want for us
Screenshot no storage
Face to face awkward
I think I’m awkward
You treat me like a monster
Am I a monster?
All of these things getting farther

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