​ovrwrld – Palette Lyrics

Palette Lyrics

You don’t let me talk about it
You steal off my color palette
I’m still havin dreams about it
Rerouted my brain so I don’t see your palette

I’m over u
I’ve got nothing left that I owe to u

It’s over me it’s over you
Don’t bend our truth 2 favor you
Saw u in color I ain’t seen b4
3 tabs in this is too much more
Don’t ignore my open door
My muscles seize my eyes are sore

Plug load me up before I’m out the door
I’m remaining calm can’t last 4 long
All I see is white when I sleep
Ya dmts ruined me
Who wants 2 dream when their psyched up
Talk big
Don’t let еm know the real u
Everyonе use who they know
Only friends w you when they know your worth
Hey man that’s not even bad I’ve meetin worse

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