DYLYN – Liar Lyrics

Liar Lyrics Keep on lying to me Keep on lying to me 1 Every day’s like everyday You never do the things you say But lover, I keep listening to you Every night’s like every night You never hold me like a child But baby, I keep crying over you …

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Greta (English) – Everything's Fine Lyrics

Everything’s Fine Lyrics 1 Somehow, someway Something’s, gonna go wrong But right here, right now Well Everything’s fine Everything’s fine 2 No one, nowhere Knows how, happy I feel I’m alright, always And Everything’s fine Everything’s fine I’m so distracted Most of the time I never really get much Peace …

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Hannah Jadagu – Six Months Lyrics

Six Months Lyrics I’m not going back to being lost Camera focused onto I once was If it’s better to tell myself that I’ll be fine I could do it again, but I’ve reached a thousand tries Think we should stop This clock I can’t be all you want ‘Cuz …

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