Soft Streak – Idiot Lyrics

Idiot Lyrics Soft Streak 1 I guess this is just my kind of regular My fingers are bleeding; is that the metaphor? I’ll keep driving through the valley to the water, salty stinging I tried to cover all of the bases If it scares me, it’s good for me to …

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Blacklit Canopy – Columba Lyrics

Columba Lyrics Blacklit Canopy 1 – Leo Faulkner Skies dragging over A sound spectacle As you land beside me {?} look full Spreading out your feathers Grey as slate and stone Singing through your bones and Stretching your ligaments cold – Leo Faulkner My inner fabric comes clean from my …

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Ss Thaman – Ma Ma Mahesha Lyrics

Ma Ma Mahesha Lyrics Ss Thaman ఏ సన్నజాజి మూర తేస్త సోమవారం ఓయే మల్లెపూల మూర తెస్తా మంగళారం అరేయ్ బంతిపూల మూర తెస్త బుధవారం అరేయ్ గుత్తిపూల మూర తెస్త గురువారం ఏ బాబు సుక్క మల్లి మూడ్ షుకర్వార్ మే హో బాబూ తేరా సంపతి మూడ్ శనివారం మే ఏ ఆదివారం ఒళ్ళోకొచ్చి ఆరు మూరల్ జెల్లో పెట్టి ఆడేసుకోమంది అందామె ఏ …

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Phoebe Chan – Chiisana Negai (Romanized) Lyrics

Chiisana Negai (Romanized) Lyrics Phoebe Chan Negai wo (Todokenakute) Hoshizora ni kometa Anata wo (Mamorenakute) Zutto mamoru yo Sou, itsu made mo (Sou, itsu made mo) Te wo tsunagu nara Waraeru kara (Sono negai wo) (Kanaerarenai kara) Kore kara zutto Hanasanaide

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Phoebe Chan – Fairytale Lyrics

Fairytale Lyrics Phoebe Chan 1 Open up the dusty storybook To take a closer look And inside, you can write the story in your mind “Once upon a time” is but the start To journeys of the heart And your fate will change in due time And soon you’ll find …

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