Psyberdelic Psyberdelix – Earthling V2.0 Lyrics

Earthling V2.0 Lyrics

Psyberdelic Psyberdelix
Ethereal Earthling V2.0
(c) 2004, 2021
Psyberdelic Psyberdelix

Eternal, behold an illuminated plane expands
An enlightened space suddenly appears up ahead, reaching out from the beyond
Temporaly aligned as it spontaneuosly unfolds before a
Labyrinth of immense ancient design

Inactivate the imperceptible alternatively static commune realm
An activated cell resonatеd with an archetype delusion
And an еmerging emanated filament
Infinitely an array of pulsing hues entertwined with a continuum
Emitting and glowing intricately
Beginning with a prophetic miracle beamed from the unknown

Parametrically manifested before them, be four three two one
The Dimensional Metatron is a facscinating analogue
From an Undulating subliminal Zebulon
On and on and off the radar

Memories of a timeline now pixelated
A crystallizing abberant, and abberant calm
Outrageously ephemeral techno-color transparently quadratic signals degrade
Algorithms mutate and generate with virtually rotating complexities

Crackling energy existentially superficially amuses aimlessly
All will join and initiate
Probabilities of reoccuring nodes and technically correct moratoriums
Oddly leviatating and incorporeal as they replicate
Just beneath the surface of reality

Time is getting close. Read it in a post, of post apocolyptic haze
Has the hour come?
In your heart you know whats coming, oh too soon
In your head you feel it now ascending into place

Immortal – One
Temporal – In
Forever – All
Eternal – In
Infinite – One
Virtual – In (Everyone and everything is here)
Universe – All
Together – In
Galactic – One
Alternate – In (All in one in all in one in all)
Entity – All
Evolving – In

In your heart you know whats coming on too soon
Not long before it will be arriving to be born
Soon oh soon (the light)
Approaching closer now
Slouching toward
Just ahead, not long now


Eternal Spiritus Mondo flows and radiates a utopian glow
Data fibrils run overload until the end

(c) 2004, 2021
Psyberdelic Psyberdelix

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