Punkinloveee – Happy Birthday Lyrics

Happy Birthday Lyrics

But you went to Disneyland
Happy Birthday it’s the worst day of my life
Glitz and Glamour I’m an actor kill the lights
I don’t want romantics I want all the ends
Drag me by the antlers shoot me in the eyes
Jesus save me I’m so shady I need you
I feel broken I feel helpless
I need you to tell me what to do
Jack-o-lanterns on my front porch
? that we are allergic to the whores
Us rotting to the core
Let’s go out to Disneyland
I fucked up a big bag
I wanna be just like you
Baby I’m your biggest fan
You make me wanna die
I subscribed to your OnlyFans
But I don’t wanna hold hands
Shoot me in the fuckin’ heart
Turn me to a fuckin’ star
Bella Viator
Just like ?
Top the fuckin’ charts

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