R. Stevie Moore – You Are My Friend Lyrics

You Are My Friend Lyrics

I look at you, don’t say a thing, you’re nowhere but here
I donate to you a ticket to explore
I can’t get close enough to your existence
But I’ve never seen a love like this before
Before you came

You are my friend
Crestfallen dear
You are my friend
Marriage or ring
Doesn’t mean a thing

I’m smiling, you can feel it, you can’t see it
Your eyes are looking at your eyelids’ walls
From here thеy’re flesh, from therе they must be darkness
But smiling is a feeling, that is all
All when you are here

You are my friend
Hands clothed by hands
You are my friend
Never to cease
Love soaked in peace

I love you, you R hear it without trying
You hear the oceans inside my mouth unfold
The wave comes up and touches your belongings
The sea breeze soft, you wish you had control

You are my friend
Not wife or girl
But you are my friend
Isn’t it a shame
That others aren’t the same?

Hi friend!
Hi there, how are you?
Whatcha doing?
Well, getting ready to watch a corny movie I guess
Big Nat said he was gonna read, and I was
Sally’s gone to visit Stevie
And my little baby’s in Miami all alone
Yeah, I keep thinking about, I think
I’m gonna call him, I can’t stand it
He wouldn’t, but any other kid
Would think I was butting in, but
He’ll be glad to get a call
How are you?
Fine, are you in a better mood?
I’ve calmed down

So he’s there, huh?
All night?
Uh huh
Every night?
You can’t talk?
You can talk
Oh! I see
Well okay, I just wanted to let you know
I’m still here and your friend
Good, good
That’s, that’s
That’s good news

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