Razorcuts – Flowers For Abigail Lyrics

Flowers For Abigail Lyrics

You always seem to want to mess up someone’s life
You already seem to find the time
Just by chance when I saw you take that taxi Friday night
You had a friend who wasn’t home
It wasn’t Abigail

You lie to her
(You lie to her)
You lie to her (her)
Never set her free
What would it take
To make you see?

I know that you don’t hear
A single word I say
I don’t suppose you want to know
How she smiled when she told me
That you called on her next day
And in your hands you held the morning mail
And flowers for Abigail

She lies for you
(She lies for you)
She cries for you
Won’t you tell me now (ooh)
What would it take
To bring you down?

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