Sammy J & Randy – That Was the Year in Australia Lyrics

That Was the Year in Australia Lyrics

Sammy J & Randy
As I look back on my resolutions
That I made at the start of the year
And reflect upon chances
To finally find answers
To questions that seem so unclear
I thought all my gay friends would be married
And I thought we’d avoided Nauru
I thought my Broadband cable
Would finally be able
To stream Q&A on iview
But now it’s the end of November
And our hopes are incredibly low
But don’t give up yet
For we must not forget
That the year’s still got four weeks to go

And they’ll say, That was the year, the most wonderful year in Australia
When the bickering stopped, and the bitterness came to an end
And the way every member woke up in December
And chose to step up to the plate
Saying, Sorry, Australia
The year’s been a failure
By Christmas, we’ll set it all straight

Well, it started when Abbott admitted
The carbon tax was worth the cost
Then took up cross-dressing
With hopes of impressing
The female voters he’d lost
Then Gillard admitted to lying
And Kevin admitted to being a jerk
Then Hockey and Swan
Started getting it on
So Bob Katter walked backwards from Bourke

Then Peter Slipper revealed that his texts
Were inordinately affected by autocorrects
And the true sentiment
That he meant to have said
Was much more innocent
And concerned Parliamentary
Standards, and how they’d been slipping away
And how petty distractions had led to decay
Of the public discussion in which we’d engage
Before shock jocks and slush funds made the front page

And that was the year, the most radical year in Australia
When both parties partied all night at The Lodge Christmas Eve
When they put fifty slabs onto Craig Thomson’s tab
And agreed to get on with the job
And Annabel Crabb cooked the lunch
Bill Shorten turned up with some pints
Tony Abbott provided the punch
So Malcolm and Kevin got totally blind

Yeah, that was the year, the best bloody year in Australia
Such a coming-of-age for the nation had never been seen
And the history books will record the year’s brilliant conclusion
And how it all then went to shit in 2013

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