Sheuv_adonis – Thinkin much (Audio from: Mozzy Type Beat 2022 "Better Off Alone" Lyrics

Thinkin much (Audio from: Mozzy Type Beat 2022 “Better Off Alone” Lyrics

Im thinking to much cuz my mind feels shattered

Picking my heart up in a million pieces, you made it as if it didn’t even matter

How the fuck you gon leave like nothing really mattered

Im trying so hard but im tired of feeling tired

Nothing helps this pain i gotta go even higher

I see in your eyes tha i know that you a liar, im a fien for your love you the one i desire

Your a devil in disguise feel like im playin wit fire

Nigga im tired of feeling this way im sick and tired of the pain

Cuz at times i dont know what to say and it feels like demons controlling my brain

Leaving no remains

Likе it doesnt help that you laughing and leaving mе wit the pain
Know these niggas out to get me because niggas be petty

Do you know wats in the after life you said you dont know well shit nigga neither do i but damn i know this shit be temporary

Wait actually nigga you know wat is temporary love is temporary its all that lovey shit til they break your heart and dump you leaving you wit scars

That shit is not a game that shit is forever pain

But if that shit wasn’t really worth it in the first place then why did you think that idea was ok?

The devil is out to get me he tried to take my life away

But hasnt yet got to me i still til this day i still live life with all the pain

Nigga you dont know wat real love is til it truly remains

Im jus wait till death call my name (yea im jus wait til death call my name)

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