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TAXI Lyrics



Got your feelings in this head, crying blood so sweet
When you and ? in the back, say “Taxi”
Money on your head, this is all payroll
Got ahead of your shawty, so I’m flexing ?
In your house, I’m in heaven right now
Angels from above, all these bodies on a hit and run
Bad intentions and I got blood on a rush
? out in the sun
AK out of the gun
This is smoke, yeah, all of it filling my lungs
Shooting bullets, go back, yeah I’ll stick to my guns
Bang bang, keep it popping, yeah filling my lungs
Keep it up, I can’t ?
Keep, keep back
What are these feelings, all these feelings fucking bad
Blood, keep it up ?
Kissing up, kissing up cigarette butts
Feelings were fun, but you’re down to break it up
Kissing all the drugs that made up your lungs
Lookin’ up your eyes, your tears ?

Boy, I love
I love you

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