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8RO8 – Alone on Valentines Lyrics

Alone on Valentines Lyrics 8RO8 data-lyrics-container=”true” class=”Lyrics__Container-sc-1ynbvzw-6 YYrds”>I got nothing to do (I got nothing to do) I waste more time with you It’s nothing special Cause your so special to me Not the one about flowers and such Left alone cause can’t find a crush I’ll be okay Because …

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8RO8 – Townies Lyrics

Townies Lyrics: 8RO8 Verse 1 These bitches spitting game so shame I just feel strange It all just sounds the same I think of you always somedays It’s all just pain Why’d you just have to change? Wishing you were loyal, loyal She knew me from the mud Not talking …

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