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A'me Lorain – Letter 'C' Card Lyrics

Letter ‘C’ Card Lyrics: A’me Lorain Standing in a special line The kind of kids we were had no choice They asked me what my letter was I’d answer with a trembling voice I seized my key my bike is cheap my lunches Sometimes I would weep because We all had yes we all had …

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A'me Lorain – Unique Blue Tube Lyrics

Unique Blue Tube Lyrics: A’me Lorain First Verse As the wind is blowin’ is it worth knowing Where you are As I sit alone with a blue phone I feel like I’m living in a jar If there are any more behind my door I’d like to leave real soon …

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A'me Lorain – Grey 19 Lyrics

Grey 19 Lyrics: A’me Lorain It is too soon in the month of June For it to sprinkle oh so hard It’s supposed to be in the summer now But the calendar is just a card We’re playin’ with the rain There’s a tickle on my brain We’re playing with …

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A'me Lorain – Heaven Above Lyrics

Heaven Above Lyrics: A’me Lorain First Verse Flower children growing out of the dirt People picking at your petals does hurt You’ve been planted in this field for a reason And you will keep on growing into a new season Chorus Who knows where we will be tomorrow Something real good needs a little …

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A'me Lorain – Change To Lyrics

Change To Lyrics: A’me Lorain First Verse I believe there’s a time to move A day to groove on a different thing I can feel the kick inside And my heart feels the need to fly Chorus It’s time to change Clean out the old and color in the new …

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