​terastic – We really don't like you Lyrics

We really don’t like you Lyrics

Tell me why u hate me
? cryin like a baby
? tell me can u save me
I can do it all
Try to put me down but i cannot give a fuck

? but u cryin like a bitch now
Yea i gotta run to the ? take a piss now
? yuh that’s a big risk now
Ima take yo bitch cuz she fuckin with my rizz now
556 n it hit him in his face
? ima put you in yo place
Ima gotta go fast yea i gotta win the race
You keep on talkin shit gotta catch a case now

Cannot be with us cuz we dont really like you
Write this verse like a motherfuckin haiku
Make me wanna die I depise you
Tell me lies i can’t stand being lied to


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