Vivziepop – The Ballad of Striker Lyrics

The Ballad of Striker Lyrics

He’s galloping over the dusty planes
Even the cacti know his name
If you don’t want to die don’t cross his path
The best assassin in the ring of Wrath

He’s Striker! He’s Striker!
Sure shootin’, darn tootin’
His name is Striker

Gonna bring that bird back to his lair
With his magic rope and his western flair
He’s very good at causing pain
And he loves to ride on the choo-choo—

Dirty dealin’, Prince stealin’
He’s a villain, Striker!

He’s fast and strong and tall and mean
The foulest imp you’ve ever seen
He’ll break your bones to hеar ’em crunch
He like’s to еat Pâté for lunch

He’s Striker, hmm, ye-ye-yeah
He’s Striker
He’s Striker, he—

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